My GRACE is sufficient for you…right now…right where you are!

Posted on 15. Feb, 2016 in All Posts, Divorce, Faith, Family, Fitness Journey, Health, Hope

It’s almost 1 pm… I woke up late, aching all over, crawled out of bed to make breakfast and then crawled back IN bed under my heating blanket.  Some days… I did a LOT yesterday.  I did a 30 minute power lifting workout, ran 2 miles, did yard work, shopped, and then made a big Valentine’s Dinner for my kids… I crawled into bed aching all over last night and woke up pretty much the same way.  I have SO much to get done today but my body is so beat.  It’s days like today that can be super discouraging.  I have so many BIG goals but some days my body just doesn’t cooperate with me.  My mind says GO but my body simply can’t follow and then my mind feels like giving up too.  On top of that, my heart just hurts.  I am tired and I want this pain of my broken heart to go away already.

In this state I listened to the online message from church.  As usual, God had a good Word for me to meet me right where I am:

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

The message was about the struggles we go through and are we willing to keep the faith and trusting even when our prayers go unanswered and we are STILL suffering?  Oh snap!  Sometimes we are delivered from our suffering and other times we will continue to suffer until we leave this world…  I know this… This is not a new word to me or revelation but some days, it’s harder to swallow than others isn’t it?  Especially when we’ve been on a hard road for what seems like forever and the very thought that this may just be my road until God takes me home is well… hard to swallow! If I am honest, it’s down right scary to think about.  As tears are flowing down my face as I am typing… It’s not about us…our struggles…our dreams… in the long run… it’s about Him and what His Will and purpose is for our lives.  His power can’t me made perfect in us as long as we focus on our suffering.  I am reminded that I need to fix my eyes on Jesus and what’s NOT seen because what’s seen can be… well pretty darn right discouraging! His Word here isn’t My grace “may” be sufficient for you but it’s definitive… it IS and His power isn’t “probably” made perfect but it IS! His promises are trustworthy and His Word is Truth! His grace IS sufficient and His power IS made perfect IF we surrender and let it be so in our lives… right now… right where we are and as we stand.  It’s really up to us and how we CHOOSE to look at the life we’ve been given.  

Lord forgive me for partnering with discouragement today.  You love me so much that you’ve given me everything I need and more to walk in your grace and power.  I don’t have to rely on me or a change in my circumstances to tap into your grace and power… I simply have to believe and choose to walk in these truths.  I believe Lord.  I trust you and no matter what YOU choose for me, I surrender all to you and trust in your mighty hand in my life.  I am right where you put me and where I am supposed to be.  Thank you for loving me this much and for walking with me in the good days and the not so good days! To you be the glory and honor forever and ever! Amen Lord, Amen!


Me Grace


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