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3 Week Yoga Retreat Me

Did you know that the best way to push past our plateau and get our best body ever is to take a short break from all that cardio and strength training and refresh our body with some yoga? Yes, yoga. Specifically our 3 Week Yoga Retreat starting on September 5th for 3 weeks —Beachbody’s first-ever yoga program that’s available exclusively on our streaming platform, Beachbody® On Demand.

By taking this short yoga “Retreat” to refresh our body, when we go back to working out the way we normally do, we’ll be stronger than ever! Each of its 21 workouts are only 30 minutes long and ideal for beginners.

PLUS—right now, you can do this WHOLE program without paying a penny with Beachbody On Demand’s FREE 30-day membership offer!*

Sign up by TODAY to get your yoga on AND participate in the Beachbody Health Bet, and you could win your share of over a million bucks!** Contest starts September 5th.



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