I am Beating the Holiday Bloat this year!

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Don’t you feel that every year the Holidays creep in sooner and sooner? I wonder if I am only noticing this as I am getting older because I don’t remember feeling this way in my “younger” years! What gives? Well it’s about now that you may be like me… getting a little nervous about the thought of trying to stay ON track with all the upcoming extra “temptations” coming at us from ALL directions!

Having a game plan in place BEFORE it gets into full swing is going to be key for us all.  I have some very big goals ahead of me for December.  Since I have sadly been thrown into being a single Mom again, I’ve realized just how much I have put ME on the back burner.  I’ve made a decision that it’s time to get me back…not the same old me, but a better version of me!  I am going to be starting a new Body Building program called Hammer and Chisel next month.  My goal is to dramatically increase muscle mass and definition throughout my body, but especially with my arms, abs, thighs and glutes.

Here’s a few tips that I have found helpful and intend to take heed to this year to keep me on track and closer to my own big goals.

  • Decide WHAT our goal is and what reaching it will do for our life.  We can’t just say we want to lose 20 pounds.  We need to know WHY we want to lose those 20 pounds and what it will do for our life.  Maybe you will be able to get off your blood pressure medication and no longer be pre-diabetic. Or, maybe you will finally fit into that dress you bought for New Years Eve years ago and still haven’t been able to fit in it.  Wearing that dress will give you hope for the coming year and help you find the strength to rock your other goals.  Knowing exactly WHY we’re doing something keeps us ON track when we feel like giving up and our journey gets hard.

  • Have a family meeting and get everyone in your household on board with your journey.  It’s bad enough if we have to endure the temptations at work and at parties but to have it follow you home just makes it that much harder.  Let’s keep our homes a safe haven.

  • Announce your goals publicly and let your friends and other family members know what you’re doing.  There’s power when you write out your goals and put them out there in the Universe! Also, it gives a much needed “heads up” to those around you that you’re serious and that you need their support.

  • Have a plan in place for accountability.  Buddy up with a Friend or someone that is also serious about their goals and then check in daily.  Give each other permission to keep each other accountable.  Join a support group, online or at a facility.  This is also another great way to not only have accountability, but additional support.  There are a ton out there – even on Facebook.  In fact, I have one that starts on 11/23 – Beat the Holiday Bloat.  Sorry guys, it’s Ladies only.  I do know of a co-ed one though for the dudes for anyone interested.  There are a TON out there.  Find a group that you can connect with and take advantage of the support and accountability.

  • Don’t try to make too many changes all at once.  Set small goals each week and factor in at least ONE cheat meal a week.  Now I said A cheat meal, not a cheat day.  Save your cheat for something you really love.  Don’t waste it on something that’s just “eh” right.  Remember, if we’re too restrictive, we will make our journey so hard that we just give up.  Also, being too restrictive is not something that’s sustainable.

Let’s use this time to make changes that wills stick with us for good! Let’s replace some bad habits for some better ones. Even if we just find ONE thing that will work for us for the long term – what an awesome victory it will be.  Our goal for this Holiday Season doesn’t have to be a weight loss goal.  In fact, if we can maintain our weight through the holidays – that’s an awesome victory right?!

Instead of feeling apprehensive about this Holiday Season, I am excited.  I am ready to do this and I hope you are too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.27.19 PM

Don’t forget to reward yourself as you rock it, but not with food! I like to buy myself flowers like these – I am worth it!

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